MyPolisLive Platform

MyPolisLive™ is an online platform that aims to support mobility transformation through the gathering and processing of origin-to-destination information on citizen and freight movements from which integrated transport planning can take place.

The services of MyPolisLive™ are provided through a password protected area available at the following web address: To aquire access credentials to the platform, please contact SUITS project here:

MyPolisLive Key Features

Vehicle Tracking

Traffic Conditions

Traffic Reports

Alert Notifications

User Guides

There are two user guides for MyPolisLive™ available also from within the platform. One for the city supervisor and one for the system administrator.

The Kalamaria Pilot

The pilot in the city of Kalamaria served as a test of this tool to evaluate the method of crowdsourcing as a method to collect mobility data and to produce guidelines for the implementation of transport measures in a “diagnosis - solutions - expected KPI values” approach.

The Kalamaria pilot was run for a period of 4 months, from October 1st, 2018 until January 31st, 2019.